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Equine Assisted Learning

Epona Healing

"One of the deepest longings of the human soul is to be seen"
John O' Donohue

Nestled in the heart of the Chittering Valley  Epona Healing facilitates individual and small group Equine Assisted learning programs for children, teenagers and adults who are seeking to improve their social and emotional wellbeing.


Please note this is a non riding activity and no previous experience with horses is necessary.

Only 8 mins from the townsite of Bullsbrook and  45mins from Perth's CBD this tranquil property has breathtaking views over the rolling valleys . Kangaroos ,emu, wedge tailed eagles, quenda and echidna call the valley home. 

At Epona Healing  we  believe that learning life skills should be fun, safe and relaxed. We incorporate mindfulness, nature walks, fun art activities together with the horse wisdom program to give you a personal growth experience. 

Epona Healing
Why Equine Assisted Learning

Why Equine Assisted Learning?

It can help with



Achieving a calm state anytime, anywhere with the use of breath work practice and grounding exercises.

Helping to deepen our awareness of self, others and  environment. Being aware  keeps us safe, connects us to our true self and gives us choices to respond rather than  react.



What feels okay and what doesn't.  Knowing our boundaries keep us safe. Our Yes and  No.

Healthy relationships

What do healthy relationship look like? Horses are herd animals. Through observation and experiential learning we can learn how to be  in relationship with them. We can then translate these skills to our everyday life.

Helpful Thoughts

You are more than your thoughts. Becoming aware of our thoughts and how our thought patterns may be affecting our everyday  life and emotional health.


Becoming aware and connected to our feelings in a kind and compassionate way leads us to a better relationship with ourselves and others.

Facing Life's Challenges

Starting a new job or school year, losing a loved one or a family pet, moving house, separation anxiety, feeling bullied, exams, sickness the list goes on. Life is challenging .It’s not what happens to us, it’s our ability to handle what comes our way that’s important. We can equip ourselves with a set of tools so we can face whatever life throws at us.

Why Horses?

- Horses  respond to our internal state. They care not what you look like, what your profession/education is or how many likes you have had on social media. They relate to the authentic you

-Healthy horses show us how to live in the moment, to be more aware and how to let go of the past

-Horses are sentient beings and manage their feelings as information rather than avoidance or manipulation.

This opens up discussion and avenues of exploration into our own feelings 

-They are beautiful, sensitive and large so we must develop a good sense of awareness of ourselves, our thoughts and our environment in their presence

-As they are herd animals we can observe how they manage their relationships, communicate, stay calm, and set boundaries

Meet Trish

Meet Trish

Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner.
Working with children check  1367158

Growing up in a large family in rural Ireland, I was gifted with the company of many animals, a love and curiosity for nature and a deep warmth and compassion for people from all walks of life.

 I studied Applied Biology, continued on to complete my British Horse Society Exams and Irish Certificate in Equestrian Studies at Thomastown Equestrian Centre in Ireland.  Combining my love of horses and sense of adventure I travelled the world working within the Equine industry.

 I am a registered Reflexology Practitioner and have enjoyed practicing this modality for the past 12 yrs.

Wishing to walk alongside my own children, as support, through their formative years in education, I became an Education Assistant in 2013 and have enjoyed a steady position with the Education Department to this current day.

In 2021 I qualified as an Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner registered with The Equine Psychotherapy Institute who continue to develop the evidence base for this practice.


"I have had the privilege of receiving an Epona Healing session with Trish, her horses and donkey, Louie. I connected particularly with Rex on a level that I have never felt. I'm forever grateful for this unique experience"

— Karen McArthur



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